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Child Aid Foundation is presently running a poor and needy child, aid and care center, based in the southeast Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The center is located within about one acre of beautiful land on the bank of the Bandar Irrigation Canal and next to the National Highway 5, which runs from Kolkata, West Bengal to Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Although the center is based in a particular city, Child Aid Foundation helps children from anywhere in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Within the center, you will find the dormitories of the "Ashraya Home Project" and the S.V.B. High School of the "Vidya Education Project". As you walk through the center, you will see the trust office, school office, projects office, computer & internet office, gym, sports ground (volleyball, basketball, etc.), badminton court, function area, stage, playground, bathrooms, toilets, classrooms, dormitory rooms,

kitchen, kitchen storeroom, staff quarters, reception room, guest room, gardens storeroom, storage shed, rooftop storage shed, laundry drying area, solar water-heater, dining hall, fountain & lawn garden, cactus & rock garden, mini-park, and other garden areas. The gardens contain a variety of both decorative and edible plants. Trees such as mango, guava, coconut, custard apple, lemon and others also provide beauty, shade, and fruits. The center is a beehive of various activities from early morning until late evening. Girls are being sponsored and helped through the "Balika Girls Project".

Daily Schedule

The residential children rise at six in the morning. For the next one hour, they clean the entire center, bathe, and dress. Thereafter, they sit for the morning study period until breakfast. A special tuition and coaching teacher has been appointed to supervise their homework and study periods in both the mornings and evenings. After breakfast, the above 10th class/grade children start to leave the center to attend classes in various higher educational institutes throughout the city. At the same time, the school children start arriving to attend classes in the high school. The school children are provided with free transportation, education, textbooks, notebooks, school supplies, midday meals, medical care, school uniforms, and clothing.

After school, the children participate in sports, games, exercise, and gardening for their physical fitness until the evening study period. Before the evening study period starts, the children bathe, wash clothes, and dress. Then evening study period goes on until dinner. After dinner, the children clean the dining hall and prepare for sleep. The older students are permitted to study in a separate study area after dinner while the younger children must sleep. The holiday schedule, of course, will be much different.

Child Aid Foundation makes every arrangement for the complete overall development of the children. Child Aid Foundation is also arranging computer education for any children under its care who are interested in learning.

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