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Child Aid Foundation has molded a great number of unfortunate and underprivileged children, such as orphan children, slum children, street children, and child laborers, into mature and responsible, self-sufficient young adults with good occupations, jobs, and professions. They are all now beneficial members of the society and country in which they live. We consider this to be our main achievement!

  • Child Aid Foundation was founded in 1993 and is serving and saving many poor and needy children since then.  

  • Child Aid Foundation has been granted about one acre of land by the government of India for its many social service activities.  

  • On its land, Child Aid Foundation has constructed seven permanent buildings that are being actively used for various charitable purposes. 

  • Child Aid Foundation started by helping only a few children. It now has many children, boys and girls, under its care both residentially and non-residentially. The number of beneficiaries is ever increasing.

  • Child Aid Foundation is running a charitable hostel (dormitory) project under the name of "Ashraya Home Project" wherein children of various ages and academic levels reside full-time. These children receive comprehensive aid and care.

  • Child Aid Foundation is also running a project under the name of "C.A.F. Education Project". A division of this project is the "Shri Vijaya Bharati School". This is C.A.F.'s own, residential and non-residential school for boys and girls from the nursery to the tenth class/grade. After the 10th class, the children are admitted into higher educational institutes in the city. C.A.F. continues to sponsor any or all of their educational and/or living expenses to as high an academic level as they desire and are capable of achieving.

  • Child Aid Foundation is also running a "Balika Girls Division" project. Children in this division are non-residential. They may live anywhere in impoverished conditions. Child Aid Foundation sponsors whatever they need to pursue and complete their educations to as high a level as they desire and are capable of completing.

  • Child Aid Foundation has been granted tax exemption status by the government (Department of Income Tax). This means that very proper accounts must be maintained, audited, and submitted to the Commissioner of Income Tax for scrutiny and approval at the end of every financial year. It also means that all donations to Child Aid Foundation are tax deductible. Application for renewal of tax exemption status must be made every three years.

  • Child Aid Foundation has also been granted Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (F.C.R.A.) registration and permission from the central government (Ministry of Home Affairs). This registration and permission is granted only after a very thorough investigation of an organization by the concerned authorities including a personal visit from a Central Bureau of Investigation (C.B.I.) official. Such registration and permission means that Child Aid Foundation is permitted to receive donations in foreign currencies and from foreign sources.

  • Child Aid Foundation has also been awarded official recognition by the government (Department of Woman Development and Child Welfare). Such recognition is awarded to an organization only after a very thorough inquiry by all concerned authorities including an official from the Police Commissioner and from the Director of the Woman Development and Child Welfare Department. Such recognition is proof that the organization is genuine, reputable, credible, and transparently managed. It also makes the organization eligible for government aid if the organization desires to apply for such aid. Official government recognition has been granted to only a very few organizations in Child Aid Foundation's base state of Andhra Pradesh so far.

  • Child Aid Foundation’s school has been awarded official recognition by the government’s Department of Education. The concerned government officials must regularly inspect the school and ensure that all rules and regulations are being strictly followed.

  • Child Aid Foundation has provided comprehensive aid and care to a very large number of children since its establishment. This has enabled all of those children to pursue and complete their educations to as high as level as they desired and were capable of achieving. All of them have become fully self-sufficient and beneficial members of the society and country in which they live. Child Aid Foundation has even helped many of the children who completed their educations with their first job placements.

  • Child Aid Foundation is one of the very few N.G.O.s who can truthfully state that they do not depend on any governmental or foreign institutional funding! Through many years of sincere hard work, Child Aid has developed a very large and dedicated group of private individual sponsors from within the state, outside the state, and even outside the country. This is proof of the excellent reputation and support Child Aid Foundation has deservedly earned from the public and society.

  • Child Aid Foundation's activities and achievements have inspired dedicated, formal and informal, representatives and volunteers to work for the organization in various locations in the state, country, and even abroad. It is Child Aid Foundation's goal and plan to first establish formal branch offices in these various locations and then, when the response and support becomes sufficient, establish full-fledged branch centers!

  • Child Aid Foundation is an official partner of, and is listed as well as promoted by many prestigious organizations. Being a partner of, and being listed as well as promoted by these organizations is only by invitation, and only for very genuine, reputable, and credible organizations that comply with an extensive list of these organizations' credibility and good practices norms. Some of the prominent organizations that partner with, list, and promote Child Aid Foundation are: ICICI Communities, GIVE Foundation, Indian N.G.O.s.Com, GIVE India, TeluguPeople.Com, Credibility Alliance, GIVE World, Telugu Association of North America (T.A.N.A.), Asha For Education, Apex Foundation, and Charities Aid Foundation.

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